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Millinery was extremely popular in the 1930’s right through the the early 1970’s and as such the demand for milliners was great. Mimi Millinery grew to five stores in the Brisbane region with the largest being on the corner of Queen Street and Albert Street; two more in Adelaide Street and another two in George Street. Such was the demand for millinery products in those days. The Albert Street store was famous in the 1940’s as it was the first store in Brisbane to install up and down escalators allowing patrons to easily travel between floors and avoiding steps. It was also the first store to install a self-service coffee shop, much to the dismay of Myers across the road.

Much of the original stock came from Switzerland and since then products have been sought from all corners of the globe whilst still maintaining a strong relationship with Swiss products. Mimi Millinery focuses on all types of Millinery products but specialises in flowers, ribbons, beiling, Swiss braid, cones and capelines.  All these items are available in sisol, paribuntal or baku straw.

Mimi Millinery has often been singles out as having the worlds most unique collection of millinery items. Next time you are looking for an original piece, please come and visit our store in Wilston, Brisbane. We look forward to seeing you there.

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